Dear Moab City Voters,

I know as a resident of Grand County you have been asked to vote on issues right and left. That I know as I too have been a resident since 1956. But I want you to know how important it is that you vote “Yes” on Proposition 3. We have such a wonderful care center in our small community.

The staff go beyond measure to make sure everything flows nicely and professionally. The nurses – you can’t find any better. Their care for the residents goes beyond 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. – any day of the week. The CNAs and NAs – well, they are lifesavers for the residents. And don’t forget the housekeepers – they ensure that no germs come around the residents and the rooms look as nice as can be at all times.

So there’s a little about all those who work here; now about the residents. I have never seen a place where the residents are treated with so much love, care and friendliness. It goes beyond saying that the residents feel like this is their home. If by chance they don’t have family members around the Moab area, it’s all but ensured that they have a home here. And if they do have family members, they don’t forget them either. They make the residents feel so special on all occasions, from birthdays to Christmas, activities and outings, to just a general warm, cozy feeling you have when you are at home. We’re all one big family here.

So I urge you Moab voters, if you don’t want to see all these jobs go, and if you especially don’t want to see the 35 residents, plus me, lose our homes, then I’m asking you please to vote “Yes” on Proposition 3 to support our seniors.