Michael Lane

“I think it works to a degree, but I think that it’s corrupted by money and it always has been. I think it’s a lot better than some systems in the world, but until they get the money out of politics, it will be corrupted to some degree.”

Neil Meyer, Escondido, California

“I think it’s working because so many people are working to make it work.”

Mary O’Brien, Castle Valley

“I would say that I don’t think it’s not working because of what you just said, but because with over 300 million citizens, having only two viable options for the presidency is not enough. I think the American citizenry is a dynamic demographic, so in order to represent the people, we need to have more than two options.”

Michael Lane, St. Louis

“With all of this talk about rigged elections and a major presidential candidate who might not be willing to accept the election results, do you think the American political system is working?”