Dear Editor,

I write to voice my support for Propositions 3 and 4. Years ago, a younger, less mature me would have voted no. No to most tax increases and certainly no to a tax increase for programs from which I did not directly benefit. I had no kids, was young and healthy and my parents lived out of town. Now, a slightly older, hopefully more mature me says “yes.” Grand County needs to support our schools and our health care providers. While I still have no kids, I see every day the value of education. And to achieve the best education, we must support our teachers so we can retain and recruit the best teachers. Hopefully I’ll never ride in an ambulance, but every day I see our dedicated EMTs and first responders responding to emergencies. You may be EMS’s next call. And finally, I see every day my dear mom in the Canyonlands Care Center. If the CCC were to close, my father, my wife and I would leave Moab to be with mom – wherever that would be. Someone once said, it takes a village. Well, it sure does and I’m proud to be part of this village.