Danny Bruce Weeks II was hoping that he could avoid prison time when he pleaded guilty last week to charges stemming from the repeated assault and harassment of his ex-girlfriend and her family.

But the 43-year-old man will end up spending up to six years in state prison – and serving six months of concurrent jail time – under the terms of his sentence.

Seventh District Judge Lyle R. Anderson imposed the sentence following emotional testimony from the ex-girlfriend and her daughter on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald told the court that Weeks has followed the family for “a long time.”

“He tortures them,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s threatened to kill them.”

The woman told the court that she fears Weeks will come after her if he isn’t behind bars.

“I’m afraid to leave my kids,” she said. “For us, we’re safer with him in jail.”

Weeks, who pleaded guilty to third-degree felony tampering with a witness and misdemeanor charges of domestic violence-related assault and child abuse, is also wanted in Florida on a charge of domestic battery by strangulation. He waived extradition to that state.

“I just want to be out of their lives,” Weeks said.

Grand County Public Defender Don Torgerson said the facts in the case are not as clear-cut as they were “initially represented to be,” telling the court that the woman didn’t report an alleged November 2015 incident until July of this year.