Dear Editor,

I’ve enjoyed listening to some tall tales told by Bill Groff. But one that is wholly true is his statement that he has put a whole lot of effort into getting Moab’s recreation/tourism economy to thrive.

In the early days of mountain biking, my then-husband and I, like many outdoor athletes, came to Moab often. Bill invited us to stay at his home during one of those visits. He convinced us to buy a home for ourselves in Moab and to base our fledgling mountain bike touring company here. (It is still a thriving Moab business, albeit with a different owner.)

I left Moab in the early 90s because I didn’t divorce my ex to live in this sized town with him. I came back (working in foster-care this time); and then left again, this time for medical reasons. Now I’m back; and, hopefully, for good this time. (My working days are now behind me – late stage Lyme disease; but you’ll see me serving on boards and otherwise volunteering around town.) And I’m here because of Bill Groff’s efforts to revive (redirect) the economy. I would have to say that Bill has been hugely successful. Main Street sure doesn’t look like a mining-town gone bust!