Dear Editor,

I just really want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who came together to make our kids a playground in Castle Valley.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to raise a child’s playground.

There is always a right hand on any project but Leta Vaughn was both my right and left hands throughout the entire project. Whenever I asked and better yet when I didn’t, she was there to cheer me up by bringing her awesome energy and ideas.

Without Mitch Stock and his open toolshed, we would have never been able to do what we needed to do. He was here from the very beginning hauling the equipment in his trailer and best of all putting up with me!

Michael Ford Dunton was solely responsible for giving our equipment new legs and cutting down parts to fit too many times to say. He deserves a medal in patience but I’d have to have him make it.

Jenny Haraden was the instigator in this endeavor because she loves her kids at story time so much. She and her family graciously donated the bench in honor of her father Jack Morley.

The muscle crew and slave labor to whom I am so grateful and without it would have been impossible: Leta; Mitch; Danny and Chrissy Prickett; Greg Halliday; Spencer Drake; Marybeth Fitzburgh; Janet and Jason Graham; Lisa Scott; Sarah Stock; Denise Deshaies; Jason Matz; Chris Scherer; Oscar Duncan; Janet Gregory; Josh Pike; Ted Bright; Jayne May and Farlan.

We also had numerous material and financial donations: Roger and Dolly Simonson; Harry and Debbie Holland; Cynthia Aldrich; Triassic Industries; Round Mountain Builders; Moab Desert Adventures; Moab Cliffs and Canyons; Desert Highlights; Joe Kingsley; Desert H2O; Canyon Studios; Moab City; and some who shall remain anonymous.

Most of what was used in the building was reused or recycled and would have otherwise been thrown away.

This project was a huge success and I just love how wonderful our community is.

Thanks again, everyone!