Dear Editor,

There are people in this town who really bend over backwards to do a good job, serve others and take the brunt of another’s mistakes. This happened this week to me with Back of Beyond Books. Owner Andy Nettell is just one of those business owners, and people, who does kind things. Grand County Middle School buys most of its library selection books through Back of Beyond Books. I made a big mistake in an order that I was making from the bookstore. As soon as I discovered my mistake, I called Amy Daniken, a sales associate at the store, with whom I’ve worked often, to let her know what I had done and to see if she could change the order. They were not able to make the changes. Embarrassed to even walk into the store and face them because my mistake would cost them any hope of a profit, plus much more, there was a note on my stack of books that with a smiley face, simply said, “It’s Okay!” That’s the kind of town in which we live. These are the kind of people that make Moab “home.” A simple “thank you” is not enough to express the gratitude I feel for such good people and businesses in Moab. Thank you, Andy and Amy, of Back of Beyond Books, for being such good people.