Josh Kujawa

“It’s because of the invention of the internet and how we are more connected to each other. We have our phones constantly updating us on news. As humans, there’s more of a community than there was before, which leads to less violence, but it’s so much easier to record it.”

Millie Loredo, Houston, Texas

“That’s what’s covered in the news and the solution is you guys need to concentrate on positive stuff – at least some fraction more than now. It’s fear and sensationalism and it must sell.”

Jack Lagoni, Moab

“The news scares us all. With the rise of technology, events are more easily accessible and immediate.”

Josh Kujawa, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

“The FBI says that violent crime in the U.S. has been declining nationally since the early 1990s. Why do you think that many Americans believe that violent crime is actually increasing?”