[Courtesy photo]

Grand County Emergency Medical Services Director Andy Smith (left) and Moab Valley Fire Department Chief Phil Mosher (right) presented Certificate of Recognition awards to Grand County Middle School students Caison Ault (second from left), Tava Walling, Kali McKee, Dante Wells, Traedyn Brewer and Anika Scherer during a schoolwide assembly on Friday, Oct. 7.

The two departments, along with the Moab City Police Department, recognized the students for their role in reaching out to help a local woman over the weekend of Friday, Sept. 30.

The students were at a birthday party playing night games when Caison and Tava heard yells for help.

They ran and found a woman on the ground in her doorway. Caison called 911, and then, not knowing what the address was, they gave authorities all of the information they could.

Thinking ahead, the students took off their glow-stick bands and put them out in the road so the ambulance could locate them more easily.

“Their quick response and help made a major difference in the outcome of the woman’s condition,” the school said in a statement. “We are proud of these students and their quick response to helping someone else.”