Dear Editor,

I am a single-issue candidate focused on doing something about the warming climate. This is my third run for national office as a climate candidate.

My goal in this campaign is to inspire 10 percent of Utah voters to send a strong statement to Washington: Utah wants an effective, nonpartisan, transparent solution to climate change.

Ten percent of voters can drive political change – that’s how many Americans stood up on the first Earth Day and moved Congress to pass foundational environmental laws in the 1970s.

Climate change is the “river on fire” of our time and we, the people, need to drive Congress to act again.

In my self-powered campaign, I’ve crossed our beautiful state on foot and bike sharing a message of hope: Your Vote Matters.

In August, independent polls reported that 6 percent of Utah is voting for climate. With one month left in the race, 10 percent is well within reach.

Use your vote in this election to urge Congress to work across the aisle and pass legislation this coming year to reduce the impacts of climate change. Our future and our children’s futures depend on it. A vote for Bill Barron is a vote for climate.

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