[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Pete Olsen kneels in the back of a truck that local volunteers filled with goods and supplies, which will be shipped to a refugee camp near Serres, Greece.

Pete’s mother Natalie Olsen spearheaded the nonprofit “Lifting Hands International” organization to do something for the refugee cause in northern Greece.

Nathan Shafer, the son of Lloyd and Kim Shafer, took on the effort as his Eagle Scout project, gathering supplies, and then sorting, boxing and labeling them.

Many people in Moab were also involved in gathering winter clothing, food, baby items, school supplies and hygiene items for the refugees, according to Joan Cannon.

Grand County Middle School, Helen M. Knight Elementary, the Moab Valley Multicultural Center and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buildings in Moab and Green River all served as gathering locations.

Steve and Nicki Hazlett donated their large transport trailer and hauled the filled trailer to Salt Lake City on Thursday, Sept. 29. In Salt Lake City, the donated items will be added to a cargo container of other goods and supplies that will be transported overseas.