[Photo courtesy of Aaron Friel]

Aaron Friel, right, of Classic Air Medical tested out the company’s high-fidelity mannequin “patient” at the company’s new mobile simulation trailer lab with Moab Regional Hospital nurses Darci Miller and Michelle Peterson.

The two nurses were placed in patient scenarios that were designed to challenge their skills.

The mannequin can bleed, sweat, talk and breathe on command. He has pulses, and his eyes blink. In addition, his vital signs can be changed instantly, and the mannequin responds as a real patient would.

“This is as real as it gets,” Friel said.

Classic Air Medical also practices advanced airway management skills and trauma scenarios with Grand County Emergency Medical Services providers. In addition, the company uses the simulation trailer to provide high-level training for local Classic Air Medical flight crews.

“Health care professionals can practice in the safe environment of simulation, so when a real patient is encountered, they’ve had the experience,” Friel said.