Dear Editor,

Here are some “facts of life” our dads and moms never tell us. It’s nice to know facts so one can think based on knowledge, not just self-biased emotionalism. That is especially true in discussing “hot-button” issues, so here are some “facts of life” regarding preborn babies.

Preborn baby facts:

Eighteen days of conception: baby’s heart begins to beat;

Forty-three days of conception: brain coordinates movement;

Six weeks of conception: facial features are visible, eyelids form, muscle system is developed;

Seven weeks of conception: a baby can hiccup;

Eight weeks of conception: every organ is present and functioning; brain waves can be measured;

Nine weeks of conception: permanent individual fingerprints;

Ten weeks of conception: baby can feel pain and/ or discomfort;

Three months of conception: baby can smile and suck thumb;

So may these “facts of life” give intelligence to our thinking and knowledge.