The 81st Annual Conference of the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) is coming to Grand Junction, Colorado, next month, and as part of the event, Castle Valley resident Connie Massingale will be giving a lecture and leading a field trip in the Moab area.

The Grand Junction chapter of CAS at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) will be hosting the conference from Friday, Oct. 7, through Monday, Oct. 10.

Anyone is invited to participate in the conference; no archaeological background or affiliation is required.

Friday evening’s events will kick off with a 5 to 7 p.m. “meet-n-greet” upstairs in the CMU University Center in Grand Junction, followed by a screening of the documentary film, “Waking the Mammoth,” at 7 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 8, will be filled with short, diverse and interesting lectures on topics of archaeological and historical interest.

On the evening of Oct. 8, University of Colorado professor Dr. Steve Lekson will talk after dinner about Chaco Canyon and its influence on the archaeology of southwestern Colorado.

There will be field trips for registered conference participants on Friday afternoon and Sunday, Oct. 9. For those who want to venture farther afield, there are a handful of two-day trips on Sunday and Monday. Two other field trips are planned in Utah during the conference, including visits to Nine Mile Canyon and Sego Canyon.

The cost to register for the conference is $55. An additional $25 includes the cost of the Saturday banquet and Lekson’s keynote speech.

Public invited to 81st annual conference in Grand Junction

For details and conference registration materials, go to You can also email, or call 970-433-4312.