After a class at Crooked Strokes, participants showed off their completed paintings. [Courtesy photo]

Unleash your inner artist at a new business called Crooked Strokes at 137 N. Main St.

Instructors take groups of adults – and kids – through the process of creating a canvas painting, step-by-step. At the end of class, you have a completed painting you get to take home.

Bill and Angela Hicks moved to Moab two years ago from Salt Lake City, where Angela discovered a similar-type art studio, which she said led her back to her artsy roots and a desire to open her own shop.

“I loved it,” Angela Hicks said.

Crooked Strokes teaches a variety of classes – Saturday afternoon children’s sessions, classes for groups of kids and adults, and “date nights” during the week. There’s also open painting time when people come in and paint on their own. Crooked Strokes provides all the art supplies.

Friends can get their own groups together – or join participants in a previously scheduled class.

A standard two-hour class where you can create a 16-by-20-inch canvas painting costs $29.95. Refreshments are provided. Adult classes are held weeknights at 7 p.m.

Kids classes last about an hour and a half. Those classes start at $10, depending on the canvas size.

During “Date Nights” – typically privately hosted to allow for alcohol to be consumed – a couple creates two separate paintings that, when put side by side, make one complete painting.

There are also Family Nights where family members can create several different parts that when placed together create one painting.

“It can be done with two or six,” Hicks said. “We can figure it out how to make it work,” when families are larger than six.

Hicks studied art in college and is the lead instructor. She creates many of the sample paintings. A recent trip to Wyoming resulted in a painting of the Grand Tetons, which she said would be one of the paintings she’ll offer customers.

She also finds paintings to recreate on Pinterest, and elsewhere. One patron wanted to re-create Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” so Hicks led a class in making that iconic painting one evening.

In addition to canvas paintings, the Hickses are adding other crafts and educational how-to events, such as Freezer Meals, where groups learn how to prep foods to place in one-gallon freezer bags to later pop out for a quick Crock-Pot meal, Hicks said.

At similar businesses in other states, a glass of wine or beer is typically included in the price of the class. In Utah, different rules apply – to serve a 5-ounce glass of wine would require the Hickses to present a 10-minute lesson on wine, she said. Private parties hosted at Crooked Strokes, however, can serve alcohol at their gatherings.

While the Hickses explore their options regarding the serving of alcohol, other refreshments are available: soda, water, coffee and lemonade. Snacks are also included in the price.

The Moab Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Crooked Strokes on July 8.

One of the advantages of joining the chamber is the promotion that it offers its members, Moab Chamber of Commerce office assistant Val Bradshaw said.

The chamber knows its members’ businesses and thus, is able to refer people when they call inquiring where to stay, eat, or what to do in Moab.

“If a business is having a sale and we get a flyer, we can blast it out to all of our members,” for free advertising, Bradshaw said.

“It’s exciting to have them in town,” Moab Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jodie Hugentobler said. “I’m going to do it. I’ve always wanted to learn to paint.”

New business offers painting classes for all ages

“It’s exciting to have them in town … I’m going to do it. I’ve always wanted to learn to paint.”

Where: 137 N. Main St.

When: Hours vary

Cost: Varies; a standard two-hour class for adults costs $29.95

Information: 435-355-0370;

For more information, or to see a schedule of classes, visit Crooked Strokes on Facebook at, or call 435-355-0370.