On July 3, a body was discovered in the Colorado River approximately three miles below the Westwater Ranger Station by a commercially guided raft. Grand County Search and Rescue and Grand County Sheriff’s Office Investigator recovered the body at 2:30 p.m. and transported the decedent the Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office in Salt Lake City.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office has not been able to identify the decedent at this time. The decedent is believed to have been in the river for more than three days and isbelieved to be a Caucasian male between the age of 45-55, and weighing approximately 240 pounds. The decedent has three distinctive tattoos. On the upper right arm is a tattoo of a man wearing a hat and holding a handgun standing next to a tree. On the right forearm is a tattoo of a dagger through a heart. On the upper left arm is a tattoo of a wolf head in a circle with feathers on the bottom of the circle.

Anyone with knowledge of this person with those tattoos is asked to contact the Grand County Sheriff’s Office.