[Photo by Rudy Herndon / Moab Sun News]

WabiSabi Executive Director Mandy Turner, left, Moab Valley Multicultural Center Volunteer Coordinator Katlyn Keane, MVMC Executive Director Rhiana Medina and AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer Joanna Onorato celebrated the official dedication of the center’s new mural on Thursday, June 16.

The mural at 156 N. 100 West, which is open to the public, features the images of Cesar Chavez, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Standing Bear, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harvey Milk.

Nine local artists worked on the mural, including Dailey Haren, Margie Lopez Read, Nara Bopp, Alina Murdock, Sara Amarie, Serah Mead, Sarah Stock, Pete Apicella and John Gottschalk.

The mural’s sponsors include WabiSabi, Mike Newman Painting and the Utah Families Foundation.

The project began with three goals in mind: to beautify the center’s property, to provide an educational resource in the community and to celebrate the unique accomplishments of the individuals depicted.

The center invites community members to share their ideas for the project’s next phase, which will be focused on developing an educational curriculum, and making the mural more accessible to the public.