Dear Editor,

I saw the photo on this week’s cover and wanted to let you know a little bit more of the story (“An honest day’s work,” May 26 – June 1, 2016, Moab Sun News). The picture I’m referring to is the one of concrete being poured in front of the new Larson & Co. building.

Well, before they poured new concrete, they had to take out the old concrete sidewalk. When I saw the large pieces of concrete – also called urbanite – I asked someone in charge if I could have it. I wanted the urbanite to make a patio space at the new CommuniTea Garden on 100 West and Walnut Lane, so people could come enjoy the new garden/ community meeting space that is being created there.

The guy in charge of construction first said that they planned to take it to the dump, but once I let him know I would use it for a good cause, he said that they would load it up and deliver to the garden for free!

It was such a wonderful and kind act and is beneficial in many ways: 1) The concrete was saved from its fate in the landfill; 2) the concrete will be used by a community initiative that will benefit our neighborhood; 3) people can see how materials can be reused, or upcycled, to create new, beautiful, creative and functional ways!

We are in the process of creating the garden and patio space. The earthworks are completed, but we still have much work to do. Getting the material for the patio is a huge help to our all-volunteer project.

For more information, go to the CommuniTea Garden Facebook page at