The cast and musical crew of KZMU's original radio drama “Downtown Abbey” includes Michael Ford Dunton, Christy Williams Dunton, Bob Owen, Doni Kiffmeyer, Marlene Mody, Ken Slake, Keith G, Jenna Talbott, Peggy Hodgkins, Jeremy Lynch, Melissa Graciosa, Michaelene Pendleton, Brett Bentley, Zina Brown, Brian Coulter and Miriam Graham. Marty Durlin wrote and directed the drama; Serah Mead assisted with the production. [Photo courtesy of Marty Durlin]

The Mark Time Awards have selected KZMU’s original radio drama “Downtown Abbey” as a finalist in the science fiction category for this year’s award.

The official entry is “Downtown Abbey, Episode 3: Denial In So Many Forms.”

The Mark Time Awards, which will be presented in Kansas City, Missouri, as part of the HearNow Audio Arts Festival on June 9, are given in recognition of the best audio theater productions in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery/ detective. As a legacy project of the Firesign Theatre, the awards encourage creative use of the audio arts medium, which includes writing, voice performance, sound effects, acoustic environments, musical underscoring and technological accomplishment.

Inspired by Edward Abbey’s book “Desert Solitaire,” Downtown Abbey was presented live on

KZMU in February and March of this year, performed by a troupe of local actors and musicians.

KZMU manager Marty Durlin wrote and directed the drama; Serah Mead assisted with the production. The fourth and final episode was performed before a live audience at Star Hall, followed by a gala reception.

All four episodes of Downtown Abbey can be heard on, and two-disc sets of the play are available at KZMU for $35.

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