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Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month for May are Edna Dominguez and Toni McElhaney.

Edna, a seventh grade student at GCMS, is the daughter of Jesus Dominguez and Angelica Pinon.

She likes football; her favorite team is the Broncos. She wants to play football next year. Edna loves to draw, paint and sketch. Batman is her favorite superhero.

Edna loves to be active and outgoing. She plans on joining the military when she graduates from high school.

Edna’s advice to others is, “Be true to yourself.”

Toni, an eighth grade student at GCMS, is the daughter of Jeramey and Mary McElhaney.

Toni is a straight “A” student and dedicated to her education. Speaking about herself, she said she is very clumsy.

She loves softball, her best friends and floor cake – yes, cake that fell on the floor.

“It is the best because you have to eat it with your fingers,” she said. “You have to invoke the three-second rule to make sure the cake is still good to eat, and if you’re too slow, you might be forced to invoke the 10-second rule.”

Toni’s advice to others is, “Live life to the fullest, but get an education too!”