[Photo by Eric Trenbeath / Moab Sun News]

Protesters Gigi Love (second row, center) and Peter Nicholson urged the Grand County Council not to vote for the Arroyo Crossing and Master Plan Rezone.

A majority of council members ultimately approved the request on Tuesday, May 17, with Chris Baird, Elizabeth Tubbs, Mary McGann and Lynn Jackson voting to support it. Ken Ballantyne and Jaylyn Hawks voted against the rezone, and Rory Paxman recused himself from voting on the issue.

The rezone changes the designation at 2022 Spanish Valley Drive from large-lot residential to multi-family residential. Some neighborhood residents and other raised concerns about drainage, traffic and impacts to wildlife habitat.

The proposed development could have up to 200 homes, and developers have pledged that 20 percent of them will be deed-restricted, affordable housing.