Huckleberry Offender SKRAM Systems (HOSS) will offer continuous alcohol monitoring and GPS tracking services to law enforcement in Grand and San Juan counties, as well as counseling and other services, after expanding west from Montezuma County, Colorado.

HOSS was founded by bail bond agents Clint and Sherri Simmons, who decided to come up with alternatives to jail time for repeat alcohol offenders they encountered during the course of their careers. Clint Simmons was a featured bounty hunter on “Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters,” which aired from April 2014 to March 2015 on Animal Planet. The show follows Clint Simmons and Dayson Goetz as they patrol scenic, yet harsh, landscapes in pursuit of “armed and unpredictable delinquents” who skipped bail and fled into the Rocky Mountains.

The Simmonses have seen the impact repeat alcohol offenses have on communities, their families and themselves, which inspired them to put together a professional means to supply communities with alternatives to incarceration, having researched and studied different programs across the United States. The Simmonses, along with local partners Shea Risenhoover and Terry Northcutt, decided to form a monitoring company tailored for the area.

HOSS’ mission statement says its aim is to “provide the highest possible quality Location Monitoring and Alcohol Monitoring, maintaining the public’s safety while effectively diverting non-dangerous offenders from incarceration thru placement of community-based program.”

HOSS is a certified SCRAM Systems provider, meaning that it assists courts in monitoring alcohol offenders with the use of alcohol monitors, GPS trackers and other devices. In addition, HOSS also provides one-on-one counseling tailored to the offender. HOSS has continued education requirements for all of its technicians and agents, as well as continuous in-house training in an effort to stay up-to-date with social behavior studies, treatment programs, support groups, counseling, rehab facilities, ministries and self-help programs.

“Our goal is to tailor to the specific needs of each client, while keeping the community safe – helping people reclaim positive habits while detouring clients from incarceration as they gain self-empowered positive changes in their daily lives,” Sherri Simmons said.

HOSS offers services seven days a week, including mobile service as needed. HOSS also offers daily alcohol monitoring for high-profile, repeat offenders.

Reports are sent to law enforcement agencies within 24 hours, bringing community safety to an advanced level, Sherri Simmons said.

For more information, contact HOSS Utah Administrator Shea Risenhoover at 435-355-0021 or