Stonefed will be performing at THOMi's first-ever fundraising concert on Saturday, May 7, to benefit single moms in need. [Photo courtesy of Stonefed]

Fans of Moab’s hit jam band Stonefed may catch them down at World Famous Woody’s Tavern on occasion, but this weekend, a concert with a cause has them heating up the desert dance floor at Area BFE.

On Saturday, May 7, Stonefed will be weaving rock, folk, funk, blues and jazz in their usual ground-shaking fashion at the familiar desert venue, which is located south of Moab off U.S. Highway 191. Music will kick off at 7 p.m. and break for a ceremonial lighting of sky lanterns, intended to honor lost loved ones.

Area BFE is known for its vast juniper-covered terrain, network of Jeep trails, and formerly, for the music festival Desert Rocks. Stonefed took the stage before the La Sal Mountains for eight consecutive years until the festival moved to other locations in Utah.

Stonefed’s drummer, Ed Stone, said the band always looks forward to getting out and playing a desert show.

The latest call to Stone and his bandmates came from Johnny Salter of Salt Lake City on behalf of the newly formed nonprofit organization, The Hands of Men Incorporated (THOMi). The group is kicking off its quest to raise funds for victims of abuse and single moms in need. 

The organization is comprised of a network of Jeep-enthusiasts, from board members to volunteers, and Moab is home for the “fun” for THOMi’s first fundraising endeavor.

“The start-up has been slow and costly, but now we are ready to rock and roll,” Salter said.

THOMi invites anyone with a registered and able vehicle to join them on the morning of the concert for a day on the Hell’s Revenge Trail. This slickrock trail runs northeast of town between the Sand Flats Road and the Colorado River. Participants will meet at the Hell’s Revenge trailhead at 8 a.m. on May 7. 

Salter began to formulate THOMi over the last couple years after a lifetime of witnessing the struggles of single moms. Once THOMi began to operate, Salter found an unexpected number of abuse victims reaching out to the organization, and began to broaden the focus.

“We are here to help when that someone needs to move out of an unsafe situation, or can’t get to work because their car broke down,” said Cinda Stokes, Salter’s partner and THOMi board member.

The group anticipates this concert will mark the beginning of an annual tradition, a “Rock-and-Roll Weekend” that celebrates life and promotes connectivity.

THOMi expects to keep a bonfire blazing until 11 p.m., but showgoers are permitted to camp at no additional cost. Water and THOMi attire, including hats, shirts and sweaters, will be available for purchase. Personal beverages and food are permitted.

Advance tickets for the concert are available at Moab Made, 82 N. Main Street. Tickets for adults over 18 are $25 each; for $30, showgoers will receive a sky lantern. Day-of tickets are available for $30 at the Area BFE entrance. Admission for showgoers under 18 is free, but they must be accompanied by an adult. All proceeds go to THOMi for Utah residents in need of assistance.

Stonefed show on May 7 to benefit single moms in need

What: THOMi’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Charity Concert with Stonefed

When: Saturday, May 7, at 7 p.m.

Where: Area BFE. From downtown Moab, drive south on U.S. Highway 191 for about 13 miles. Just after the uphill passing lane comes to an end, take the first left. Follow the maintained dirt road and signs for about three miles to the cleared parking area on the left.

Cost: $25 to $30 for adults 18 and over; tickets are available at Moab Made, 82 N. Main St. Free admission to youth under 18; must be accompanied by an adult

Information: 435-669-1691;