Rick Gerber of Salt Lake City band Badfeather is co-headlining this month's Moab Grassroots Music Exchange event. [Photo by Badfeather / Courtesy of Facebook]

The Moab Grassroots Music Exchange will be hosting this month’s featured musical artists from Sunday, April 17, through Thursday, April 21, with the help of local businesses and residents.

The volunteer-based organization said it is proud to bring songwriter Rick Gerber of Salt Lake City and folksy trio Free the Honey of Gunnison, Colorado, together to celebrate with live music.

Gerber and Free the Honey will share the MGME stage on the evening of Wednesday, April 20, where they will be joined by a variety of local and supporting acts, including – but not limited to – Utah band You Topple Over, as well as Scott Ibex, Zach Dunn from Magpie, and Moab’s favorite funk “loopist,” Simply B of Salt Lake City.

Other supporting acts include a dance directed by local dance storm “Hurricane Rita” Maldonado, fire performances orchestrated by Maegan Sellers and spoken word contributions from a local collective organized by Cali Bulmash.

The two acts will enjoy locally provided engagements, services, and accommodations throughout their stay in Moab. The MGME platform is organized to draw in and support outside artists, and to reciprocate for their live musicianship.

Gerber will debut his stay with MGME at Eddie McStiff’s Restaurant and Bar on Tuesday, April 19, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Free the Honey and Gerber will also join Brandon McKeel and Resford Rouzer in the studio at community radio station KZMU 90.1 FM on Wednesday, April 20, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Gerber is the frontman of Salt Lake City’s Badfeather — a quintet that delivers original funk-rock-soul, sharing friendship and often the stage with Moab’s Stonefed.

Gerber’s solo project is versatile and caters to the crowd.

“If I’m at a bar, and people want to party, I will play anything from rap to comedy upon request. But when people are sitting down and tuning in, I am passionate to share my original music,” Gerber said.

Gerber’s original material is in the vein of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and Wilco, stacking up to create a catalogue of over 300 songs.

Gerber is no stranger to Moab, and he said he sees the invitation from MGME as a great opportunity to escape to the desert and do what he does best.

Free the Honey has had Moab on the radar and is happy to come and be introduced to the community they have heard so much about.

The band is comprised of three young women who met in the Gunnison Valley and unexpectedly developed into a successful and sought-after traditional folk band.

Jenny Hill, Lizzy Plotkin and Katherine Taylor were delighted by their shared ambitions to celebrate the “true resonance of wood and string,” to serve their community and to tell stories through the ever-evolving and dynamic expression of music.

“Our name refers to the creative process, and honey is the alchemical gold,” Taylor said.

All three women in Free the Honey produce original compositions and encourage each other to write.

“We approach covered material with that same desire for authenticity, often rewriting verses to traditional songs,” Taylor said. “It is important to us to keep those old melodies alive while keeping the stories relevant.”

Free the Honey features twin fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin and three-part harmonies. Guest bassist Mike Facey will be accompanying the trio to Moab.

The Moab Grassroots Music Exchange would like to thank Milt’s Stop & Eat, Eddie McStiff’s Restaurant and Bar, Eklecticafe, Fresh Moab Coffee, the Launch Pad Bed and Breakfast, the Lazy Lizard Hostel, KZMU, and the small army of local volunteers for welcoming Rick Gerber and Free the Honey to Moab.

MGME brings two acts to town for free April 20 concert

“It is important to us to keep those old melodies alive while keeping the stories relevant.”

When: Wednesday, April 20

Where: Go to www.facebook.com/moabgme, or call 775-848-1145 for details

Cost: Free

For more information, or to support or help host MGME featured artists, go to www.facebook.com/moabgme