Dear Editor,

I am so pleased and proud of Grand County for the hyuuuge turnout for the caucus on Tuesday evening. Clearly, citizens are aware of the urgent need for participation at this critical time in our country.

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for enough good people to do nothing.”

Even more telling is that – in the ratio of Democratic vs. Republican voter turnout was almost three to one in Grand County, the equal but opposite of every other county in Utah.

Perhaps the vicious and disrespectful – even adolescent behavior of some current Republican candidates has awakened the sleeping giant – the silent majority (in Grand County, at least). Never to rest again, I hope.

I don’t need to thank everyone for turning out; being there was thanks enough. But, I do need to offer up thanks and praise for the tide turning toward a sense for the need to resist the turbulent potential facing us all.

A real blessing.