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The Moab Charter School student of the month for March is Brynlei Mays, a third-grade student in Ms. Josie Silver’s class. Brynlei is the daughter of JeChelle Mays of Moab, and Darrin Mays of Rangely, Colorado.

Brynlei’s favorite subjects are P.E., art and music.

“I like third grade because my teacher is very nice,” Brynlei said. “I like MCS because all the people are nice and all the groups are smaller.”

Brynlei’s hobbies include hiking, riding her bike and dancing.

Silver said she chose Brynlei for student of the month because she is both hardworking and has a great attitude about learning.

“Brynlei is always trying to do her best work,” she said. “She is willing to go back and try again until she gets it right. Sometimes, she doesn’t get it the first time but knows how to get it wrong and not give up. In addition to being a hardworking student, she is funny, smiley and cheerful. She is a model third grader!”