The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) Moab Field Office wants to make recreationists aware of exclusive use and one-way travel on vehicle routes during the annual Moab Jeep Safari event from Saturday, March 19, through Sunday, March 27.

Ten popular land vehicle routes used by the Moab Jeep Safari during this annual nine-day organized group event are affected. On seven of the routes, motorized users who have a Special Recreation Permit from the BLM – including Moab Jeep Safari participants – are granted exclusive use of the route while a Jeep Safari trip is occurring. Those routes include Behind the Rocks, Cliff Hanger, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Moab Rim, Poison Spider Mesa and Pritchett Canyon.

In addition, the Hell’s Revenge, Kane Creek Canyon and Steel Bender routes will be one-way for the entire nine-day duration of the Moab Jeep Safari event.

The exclusive use and one-way travel have been in place for the event since 2006; the BLM says the restrictions are necessary to protect public resources and provide for an enhanced recreation experience for event participants.

The restrictions will affect less than 50 miles of the 3,693 miles of designated motorized routes in the Moab Field Office.

Copies of the restriction and one-way travel order are available from the BLM Moab Field Office.

For more information, contact Katie Stevens at 435-259-2100.