Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank all the people who helped with the Soup and Bread Fundraiser held Saturday, Feb. 20, to benefit The Salvation Army. Many hands worked together to make light work of a full meal of soup, bread and dessert at the Community Church of Moab. We also thank everyone who came to eat, visit and donate money to The Salvation Army.

Thank you to Sandy Hultgren, Russell Granstone, Cheryl Coats, Jake Burnett, Mary McGann, Kirstin Peterson, Stephanie Summerfield, Dick Toll, Katie and Murray Hanway, Emma Millis, Ata and Tim Morse, Audrey Graham, Donna Hofmann, Tara Wilder, Julie Bierschied, Ric Otero, Brian and Kevin Ballard, Lenore Beeson, Sara Melnicoff, Canyonlands Care Center and Community Church of Moab.

I’d also like to make sure that the public is aware of all the good The Salvation Army does in our community. The Salvation Army is there to help the most vulnerable and provide a safety net to those in crisis who need help, but are unable to find assistance elsewhere.

The Moab Salvation Army has helped people build new lives through rehabilitation after years of addiction. It has helped families stay warm in the winter, and to keep shelter overhead. It has helped stranded travelers find their way home. All money raised from this event goes to helping people here in Moab.

You don’t have to wait until the bell ringers are standing in front of City Market with the red kettle to donate to The Salvation Army; nor do you have to attend an event like Soup and Bread fundraiser. You can give to The Salvation Army year-round. Please contact Sara Melnicoff or Lenore Beeson if you want to help.

Again, thank you.