Justeen Denton

“I think it really depends … I like having it as everybody’s land, but I feel like if they want to change it to open it up to drilling and taking the resources from it, then I’m totally against it.”

Jessica Sutherland, Moab

“No, because they will lose. Every legal expert who has reviewed the matter, including the Utah Legislature’s own attorneys, says this lawsuit is guaranteed to fail on constitutional grounds. The only ones who say it’s plausible are the independent legal consultants that lawmakers hired to give their assessments. Presumably, those same legal consultants will be part of the team cashing that check.”

Amos Van Horn, Moab

“Yes, Utah should go through with the lawsuit.”
Justeen Denton, Moab

“Should state lawmakers go forward with a $14 million lawsuit to gain control of federal lands in Utah?”