Dear Editor,

As a parent of school-aged children, you often find yourself talking about what improvements the schools could make, and forget about all the positive aspects of our local schools. Last month, I had the opportunity to attend a high school field trip that was an example of what makes our schools truly exceptional.

Mr. Cameron, a sophomore English teacher at Grand County High School, recently took 60-plus students on a field trip to the Japanese-American Internment Camp near Dalton Wells, 13 miles north of Moab. The students had just read the novel “Farewell to Manzanar.” The content of the novel included a Japanese-American family’s experience, enduring internment, during World War II.

To accomplish this field trip, Mr. Cameron had to secure funds for the bus trip from the Grand County Education Foundation, and find parents to help. The students that attended, I am sure, were grateful to have a day out of the classroom, but also seemed amazed that this history took place right here in Moab. Mr. Cameron lectured outdoors, in the snow, and related this experience to current events.

Mr. Cameron is just one of the many educators that I appreciate. This year, Mr. Adams, Dr. Lebrec, Ms. Metzler, Ms. Reed, Ms. Carling, Ms. Artz, Dr. Leber, and many others have impacted my son. They are all mentors, educators, and friends to my child. I could never accomplish this type of educational experience at home. Thank you Grand County High School, and Grand County School District. Please remember, as parents, we do appreciate what you do.