[Photo courtesy of Sara Hinck]

It’s a new year, so the BEACON Afterschool Program has a new name for its students of the month. They’re called the Afterschool All-Stars now, and this month, BEACON is honoring four students for their involvement in the program.

Moab Charter School BEACON Afterschool All-Star Landon Covey is a second grader in Mrs. Lexi’s class. BEACON officials said that Landon is always the first kid to volunteer to help the teacher; he always includes other students in his projects or play, and he has a great eye for art in his “art crafters” club. When Landon was asked what his favorite thing about BEACON is, he replied, “I like BEACON because you get to do art and my friends are here.”

Grand County Middle School BEACON Afterschool All-Star Alezea Cothern is an eighth grader. Alezea is a constant BEACON “homework-help presence,” BEACON officials said, calling her one of those students who slips under the radar because she is quiet and consistent. They said they can’t help but notice her commitment to her school work. “She comes in and studies alongside her friends, all of them checking in on each other and helping one another out,” they said. “Kiersten Wilson must be so proud of her daughter’s kindness and work ethic.”

Helen M. Knight Elementary BEACON Enrichment Afterschool All-Star Alondra Morquecho is a first grader in Mrs. McKinnon’s class. Her parents are Francisco and Sarai. First-grade enrichment leader Isaiah Placencia nominated Alondra, saying, “Alondra has an incredible ability to follow instructions and help inspire others to do better. She is extremely helpful, respectful and always comes with the biggest of smiles. I can always count on her.” Alondra said her favorite thing about BEACON is playing games, having fun and learning so much every day.

HMK BEACON Academic Afterschool All-Star Eliana Dominguez is a second grader in Mrs. Durfee’s class. Her mother is Lucia Lopez. Eliana was nominated by her tutor Caryn McGinty, who said, “Eliana loves to help the other students at our table. She also works very hard on her reading and math and is very good about attending every day. Because of her hard work, her skills have improved a lot this year. Best of all, she is a genuinely nice person and has a great sense of humor.” Eliana said her favorite thing about BEACON is reading. “I like reading because it’s kind of fun,” she said.