Dear Editor,

Well, it’s over. You made it through another year. All those gifts, the gifts you bought for others, the gifts others bought for you. The planning, shopping, wrapping, wondering; it is all over for another year. Whew!

After all, that is what Christmas is all about, right – getting and receiving gifts. What could be better than that?

About all those gifts, let’s be honest. In time, many of the electronic gifts will become obsolete. In time, many fashionable gifts will become unfashionable. After a while, some of the gifts will become boring and will be put on a shelf. Other gifts will simply wear out and others you will outgrow. We know from experience that very few of the gifts we receive now last very long.

Perhaps after all the hubbub and clamor of the Christmas season, this is a good time to consider the true gift of Christmas. The true gift of Christmas will never become obsolete; it will never go out of style; it will never rust or decay. The true gift of Christmas will never ever become boring. Most of all, once the true gift of Christmas is accepted you will never outgrow it. It is an eternal gift.

The true gift of Christmas is freely given to every human being who is willing to accept it. It is a gift that will make every burden easier to bear. The true gift will put an end to despair, loneliness, fear, anxiety, jealousy, bitterness, hatred, poverty of the soul and more. The only times those things will return to your life is when you forget momentarily that you have the gift. The true gift of Christmas will help you with every challenge you face. The true gift of Christmas will empower you in everything you do. It is the gift that keeps on giving – forever.

The true gift of Christmas is God in the person of Christ coming to earth to save all who believe in Him. He is the Joy to the world. He brings peace on earth and good will for every human being – one at a time. He loves you so much He gave his life for you. All He asks is that you love Him in return and then love your neighbor as you love yourself.

So in a year when your whatever electronic device is cast aside for the new version, as those new clothes become out of date or faded, when that new toy or game starts to bore you, when that fruitcake rots in the back of the fridge, when all that stuff is gone, remember what Christmas is about. Be willing to receive the true Christmas gift that is there for the asking.