Dr. Stephen Hren

“I think it depends on what kind of standardized test you’re talking about. The ACT or a big test like that can help differentiate one student from another student on a more national scale, but sometimes it can add unneeded stress on students.”

Cari Caylor, Moab

“I think that it’s ridiculous because not everyone tests the same, so it’s not really testing you for know-how; it’s testing you for how well you take a test, I think.”

Danielle Hunt, Moab

“I think you have to use it in the context of what it’s really meant for. It’s really kind of a snapshot of where students are at the time, but to use it full scale I think is incorrect.”

Dr. Stephen Hren, Moab

“My opinion is it doesn’t matter as long as we get it done.”

Tyrese Stash, Moab

“What do you think about standardized testing?”