Grand County High School students Kimiko Cordero and Amber Snyder file their choices for the 2016 junior prom theme. [Photo by Riley Balling / Moab Sun News]

Everyone remembers their prom night: the dresses, the corsages, the dancing and the theme.

The theme of junior prom is always one of the most important – if not the most important – parts of the night. The theme determines the decorations and the music that students dance to, and the choreography of the promenade dance. So it’s not a surprise that junior class of 2016 is bubbling with excitement about their junior prom theme.

For about the last two weeks, juniors submitted their ideas, and on Friday, Dec. 11, they settled on the theme of “Once Upon a Dream.”

The next question is what the “Once Upon a Dream” theme will look like.

The junior class has many ideas of what they want their prom to look like, and how they can incorporate everyone’s ideas into one theme. The main idea behind this theme is the decorations will include a mix between a medieval castle with an enchanted forest, and lots of candles.

One student shouted out from the crowd that it will be the night where all the girls will be a princess, just like they dreamed of since they were little.

Up until they made their final decision, other popular themes included “A Harry Potter Yule Ball,” “The Renaissance,” and “Star Wars.” Other nominations included “The 50’s,” “The Titanic,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Under the Stars” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Some juniors said they have been dreaming of their prom for years and years. Others have watched their older siblings’ proms, and said they can’t wait for their special night; there are even juniors who despise school dances that are still excited for prom.

Junior class member Kimiko Cordero said she thought the Harry Potter Yule Ball theme would probably turn out best.

“With all the creativity in our grade, this year is going to be a blast,” she said.

Many juniors said they didn’t like that theme because they claim that not everyone has seen the movies, or don’t even know what they are about.

Student Trenton Disbro said, “I think the prom themes that would be fun and really done well are either Harry Potter, a 50’s theme, or the Titanic theme.”

Student Gage Souza wanted either a Star Wars, a Renaissance, or a Harry Potter prom theme.

“Those would make a really fun prom I think,” Souza said.

Student Amber Snyder said she thought the class should do something out of the box.

“Every school does something cheesy, but I think we should do something that would be crazy,” she said.

The junior prom is set to be held on March 5, 2016.

“Once Upon a Dream” to feature enchanted forest

With all the creativity in our grade, this year is going to be a blast.