Dear Editor,

I’m writing to thank the Grand County Council for its decision to support an equitable approach to oil and gas development on public lands around Moab. I applaud Chairwoman Liz Tubbs and the Grand County Council for supporting the interests of real citizens who love to climb, hike, bike, four-wheel, and who share a deep concern for the future of our spectacular landscape. It is this landscape that brings in over $1 billion every year into our local economy. Those are real dollars that stay here and get invested right back into the community. All too often we’ve seen the boom and busts of uranium mining, drilling and development that leave lasting scars on the land and in our community. Recently, when the recession hit, travel and tourism actually grew. That’s precisely why diversity is so important to a strong local economy. Thankfully, our council has taken a bold step forward by supporting a federal management plan that promotes the future of our local economy while allowing for responsible energy development.