[Photo courtesy of Sara Hinck]

Syvannah McCrary is the BEACON Afterschool Program’s HMK Academic Student of the month.

She is a kindergartner in Debra King’s class at Helen M. Knight Elementary. Her mother is Christina McCrary.

Syvannah was nominated by her tutor, Caryn, who said, “She is a delight to have at my table. She is very kind and helpful, always willing to help out other students and great at following directions. She also has a fun, lively sense of humor which livens up our group.”

Syvannah said her favorite thing about BEACON is, “I love to eat goldfish crackers and play with play-doh in BEACON. I’ve learned a lot of stuff.”

BEACON Afterschool Program staff congratulated Syvannah for being the first student of the month for the 2015-16 programming year

“We are so proud of you,” they said.

Taybian Teller is the BEACON Afterschool Program’s Helen M. Knight Elementary Enrichment Student of the Month.

Taybian is a sixth grader in Kristi Nichol’s class. His mother is Delilah Maryboy.

Taybian was nominated by his activity leader Chap, who said, “Taybian has been an incredible helper in Green Team Recycling Club. He always offers his help and really steps up into a leadership role, because he is an experienced Green Team participant. He is committed to recycling, thus assisting HMK in conserving (its) resources. He exemplifies what it means to be a BEACON student.”

Taybian said he likes BEACON because it has cool clubs

“I picked Green Team because I like helping and supporting the recycling team at HMK,” he said.

BEACON staffers congratulated Taybian for being such an awesome role model in the Green Team Enrichment Club.

“Keep up the great work; we are so proud of you,” they said.