Alan Snow, center, performs with Quicksand Soup at Moab Backyard Theater. Snow will be a soloist at Scott Ibex's Oct. 26 Music for a Cause concert at Grand County High School. [Photo courtesy of Nanci Flesher]

Scott Ibex and local musicians will perform a Music for a Cause concert to benefit the BEACON Moab Strings Program on Monday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., at Grand County High School. This is the second Ibex concert for the program.

Ibex, a professional musician, has performed approximately 20 “Music For a Cause” benefit concerts in Moab over the past three years. In addition to Ibex, the concert will feature local professional musicians Eric Jones and Tamara Freida, as well as accomplished Moab Strings Program musicians and the M.S.P. String Orchestra; the young musicians will also perform with the professionals.

According to Ibex, the concert is an important opportunity for the community to learn more about what is becoming an “outstanding musical culture in Moab.”

“And, to help educate kids to become a viable part of our rich, diverse musical culture,” he said.

Nanci Flesher, the founder and director of the BEACON Moab Strings Program, said that any and all donations will greatly help the strings program.

“This is the fourth year of this program,” Flesher said. “I had not anticipated such rapid growth for this year, and had initially only planned funding for five classes.”

However, this year, the program has six classes with a total of 54 children and youth, playing violin, viola, cello and bass. Additionally, a seventh offering called the Rockestra will begin at the start of the second trimester, giving kids with at least two years of playing experience the opportunity to play alternative styles, including, Celtic, folk, fiddle and jazz.

“The Rockestra kids will also have the opportunity in the third trimester to play alongside local guitarists and other instrumentalists,” Flesher said. “With the additional classes, I am really scrambling to find additional funding and donations.”

In addition to Ibex, Jones and Frieda, soloists for the Music for a Cause Concert will include Alan Snow and Grace Osusky, as well as fourth-grade violinist Liam Clark and fifth-grade violinist/ guitarist Molly Knowles. Selections will be diverse, while focusing on combining the talents of both the professionals and the young musicians. The concert will end with a final, big number for all musicians.

Look for more information about this concert in the next couple of weeks, and mark the date on your calendar.

Scott Ibex, others to appear at Music for a Cause