Have you hiked the wonderful new trails that our own Manti-LaSal National Forest has put in the La Sal Mountains?

This weekend, we hiked that I call “the Stairway to Heaven” – a new trail from Burro Pass to Mann’s Peak, and it is absolutely beautiful. We also hiked the improved trail from Medicine Lake to Tukuhnikivatz. It’s fabulous.

Our local Forest Service personnel and volunteers deserve a big thanks for this work and making parts of the La Sals so much safer and more accessible to nature lovers.

Also this year, the Forest Service, with the passionate guidance of Heather McLean, has done some amazing fire suppression work along the loop road. Next time you drive up the loop road, look off to the sides and check it out.

It’s always easy to complain and criticize the government, but I want to shout out “well done” to the Forest Service, BLM and our national parks and give them a big thanks for their work on keeping our world-class public lands protected and accessible to multiple uses for the enjoyment of all.

We need new, radical collaboration between government, foundations, universities and the public for innovative ideas and more “out of the office and in the field” personnel/ volunteers to protect Utah’s greatest treasures.