I take offense to the term “eco-terrorist,” as Ms. Austena Fugit recently labeled normal folks who object to what is being done to the beautiful land in southern Utah. If I could have been in the Book Cliffs protesting, or any of the other places where there is the possibility of damaging the land for non-sustainable energy, I would have.

I am a proud mom and grandma. I work part-time jobs in Moab and collect Social Security. I own a home and take enormous pride in it and in my community. I drive a car, ride a bike and walk. I am a “minimalist consumer” trying to be mindful of my carbon footprint on this planet in all my affairs. Could I be an “eco-terrorist?”

I am against my city and county officials treating the CIB funds as gifts from Santa. It takes a considerable amount of taxpayer dollars and community support to maintain the facilities built with CIB grants and loans. Five-, 10-, and 20-year financial plans for maintenance and capital repair need to be factored into those “gifts,” so that three to 25 years down the line they are not experiencing unexpected financial challenges. Do those opinions qualify me as an “eco-terrorist”?

I am very happy that the prejudicial and punitive tactics of the CIB Board have been exposed. The civic leaders and vocal citizens who resisted our unquestioning cooperation with that CIB Board’s actions need to be praised for their depth of insight. Is that the thinking of an “eco-terrorist?”

I am a member of (“flush-with-cash”) SUWA. I believe there needs to be a balance to the political clout of some (really flush-with-cash) for profit corporations who stop at nothing to ensure that they get what they want from state to county to city legislators. Does my SUWA membership automatically qualify me as an “eco-terrorist?”

Using the term “terrorist” is a frightening thing to do in today’s violent world. People who care for the land, the animals, the air, water, view and quality of life for themselves and their fellow citizens are not using tactics and ideologies routinely defined as “terrorist,” nor are they an abnormal drain on law enforcement, other than logistically.

I’m a permaculturist. I care for the earth, the people and I return all excess. That’s terrorizing.