[Photo courtesy of Richard Olson]

Tamara (Tami) Moore was born in Los Angeles on July 16, 1951.

She was a true “California Girl.” She grew up body surfing and swimming at great beaches from Santa Monica to Zuma. She loved riding horses with her sister Renee at Paradise Cove and camping in the High Sierras and at the Kern River.

Tami moved to Ogden, Utah, in 1961 when her parents divorced. She adapted quickly and made many new friends. She soon learned to ski and had great times at Snowbasin. She loved roller skating at The Berthana, where she teamed up with Renee to win numerous “push” races.

She returned to Southern California in 1964 and lived in Tarzana, where she finished high school and worked at the phone company. She married William S. Moore (Moe) in June of 1972, and immediately moved to Hawaii with him. They lived on a boat and sailed the beautiful waters of the islands. She spent a lot of time on Kaneohe Bay.

Tami and Moe then lived and on an organic farm in Waiahole Valley, where she made a strong connection to the land and developed many new friendships. She loved going to outdoor concerts and saw many great shows. Camping at the beach was a favorite pastime. She hunted puka shells at the Banzai Pipeline, then made necklaces and sold them to tourists for extra money.

Tami and Moe separated in the late seventies and Tami returned to Ogden. She moved to Moab in 1982 and loved working at the Poplar Place, where she connected with a whole new bunch of friends. She loved rafting down the Colorado River and had great respect for Cataract Canyon, where she almost drowned.

Tami was extremely creative and a dynamite cook. She loved to garden and was a voracious reader. She vastly enjoyed her “lunch lady” job, and all the wonderful people she worked with (especially the kids), at the Grand County School District.

Tami lived a life rich in love, friends, and family. She felt great compassion for all creatures, two-legged or four-legged, and was very spiritual with her thoughts and beliefs. She was a dedicated volunteer when a helping hand was needed.

Unfortunately, Tami had been suffering with ill health for several years. Her huge heart finally wore out and quit beating, on the morning of August 18. She will be greatly missed.

Tami is survived by her sister Renee Olson of Ogden and her brother Richard Olson of Ogden. She was preceded in death by her mother Bonnie Jean Olson Sharman and her father Richard Olson Sr.

There will be a “Celebration of Life” in Tami’s honor at the Rotary Park in Moab on Saturday, August 29, at 4 p.m.