Dear Editor,

According to the Aug. 20 article “Fidelity proposes 16 new oil/gas wells (pads, apparently) near Big Flat,” Fidelity’s spokesman Tim Rasmussen says “We understand the (BLM’s) need to balance a variety of resources,” and that “We … continue to evaluate concerns raised by the recreation community.”

Such nice lip service, don’t you think? After all, if Mr. Rasmussen were Donald Trump, he’d merely hurl, “We got the lease, you tree-hugging, carbon-frame-hugging slackers. Get out of my life while I get richer.”

But it strikes me, a biker/ hiker who also drives an oil-burning car and would be happy to have Fidelity build me a new sewer plant, that this would be a great opportunity for Fidelity to prove they mean it. A little, at least. According to Sandy Freethey of Trail Mix, apparently Fidelity could give up a mere five pads out of 16 to avoid the worst recreation/ extraction conflicts.

If they did so, I think the recreation community should genuinely honor the gesture publicly and privately. And those of you in the recreation community who have fought for no less than no-oil-pad-never-nowhere might be forced to admit the area can accommodate both, if both sides are willing to bend.

If on the other hand, Fidelity refuses to compromise, they deserve all the cynical scorn the recreation community can hurl at them.

The choice is theirs.