Dear Editor,

The recent comments at the CIB meeting in regards to Grand County’s request for funding for jail upgrades were so off-base (“State board rejects jail funding request,” Aug. 13-19, 2015 Moab Sun News).

We pay into the fund; we have oil, gas and potash extraction going on all over the county, so their comments make no sense and are not based in reality. We have a right and an obligation to protect the environment we live in – not just to protect the health and well-being of the region, but also to protect our economy.

Our economy, which is largely based in tourism, provides more jobs and more money for the county and the state than the extraction industry.

The CIB board is holding funding hostage from counties in need because of ideology, which is outrageous, disrespectful, wrong and pure bully tactics. They all should be ashamed of themselves.