Vonda Louthan

“Absolutely, yes, because diplomacy is always the way to go, until it comes down to, ‘There is nothing else to do.’”

Jil Kulander, Moab

“Typically, the debate toward diplomacy is more contrasted with sanctions, because we gave up a lot of sanctions in order for the deal to go through. But I still think a deal with Iran creates a better path to peace, instead of the tight group of sanctions. I think it’s really important to recognize that a deal doesn’t mean that we’re friends with Iran. It’s more a recognition of the fact that a diplomatic solution is a better option to prevent Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon.”

Xavier Schwartz, Moab

“I always would rather have us try to solve things without military efforts. It’s lots better that way, if we can.”

Vonda Louthan, Moab

“Should the U.S. continue diplomatic negotiations with Iran, instead of launching preemptive military strikes, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons?”