Glynda Marcus - Moab

“Fifteen Republicans and five Democrats have entered the race for president to date. Which of the candidates stand out to you, and why?”

“I’m a liberal, but I kind of like (Marco) Rubio. He’s up there. I’ll probably go for (Hillary) Clinton … I’m kind of entertained by (Donald) Trump. I’d like to see how he performs in the debates … Bernie Sanders is too far to the left … I just look forward to watching the debates, as I usually do. That will tell you what you want to know about the candidates.”  George Cooper – Moab

“I don’t think that any of them stand out to me. They’re pretty run-of-the-mill. What can I say? It’s the truth.”  Dee Dixon – Moab

“Hillary, slam dunk. I think that she’s the smartest, most level-headed and experienced – and she’s a woman!”   Glynda Marcus – Moab