[Photo by Rudy Herndon / Moab Sun News]

Moab Area Travel Council Advisory Board vice chair Howard Trenholme, third from left, talks about potential ways to manage traffic and parking congestion at Arches National Park during a June 30 workshop at the Grand Center. Also pictured: Michael Coronella of Deep Desert Expeditions, left, an unidentified representative from Sorrel River Ranch, Moab Area Travel Council (MATC) administrative assistant Callie Tranter, MATC Internet specialist/ graphic designer Robert Riberia and MATC Advisory Board chair Sam Wainer. The National Park Service is expected to release a newsletter later this month that outlines the various traffic management suggestions that have come up to date. Once local residents have had a chance to review the suggestions, National Park Service Southeast Utah Group Superintendent Kate Cannon is encouraging them to submit their comments regarding the best ways to mitigate congestion at the park.