[Photo courtesy of Doni Kiffmeyer]

Origin of the Improvaho tradition

by Katherine M. Hunter

Deep within in us resides a place

where the Improvaho dwells (improvise a home)

This place functions in space / not time

Learns from passionate desire / not forced education

The Improvaho philosophy trusts and embraces Nature

as teacher and co-creator

Not only in artistic designs but

Love / Lust / Laughter / Lewdness and Luscious desserts.

The Improvaho Tradition encompasses a Way of Life

valuing full / varied / unpredictable situations

from hands-on / sometimes mythical / playful / joyous

and gut-wrenching experiences / etc

A favorite motto from the Improvaho:

“Happiness brings good fortune.”

(although many people think it’s the other

way around – too bad for them!)

Katherine M. Hunter was born December 15, 1933.

She skated down river on June 14, 2015.

She died the way she lived: with incorrigible flair /

curiosity / humor and gumption.

She wore many hats: Daughter, wife, mother,

grandmother, mother outlaw, friend, wise-ass

Matriarch, artist, writer, superb actress.

She loved cooking, knitting, weaving, painting,

gardening, animals and the best library in the world.

She spent the last 2-1/2 years of her life writing her

personal memoir: ‘Crazy, Sexy Dying –

Having fun while having cancer!’

Above all, she loved her family who she

devoted herself to without compromise.

She lived a diverse life from west coast to east

coast with Rome, Italy and Europe in-between.

May we follow her Improvaho Tradition by

walking the path with heart living each moment

as fully as possible.

Love all-waze from Kaki, Boody, Doni, Judy, Tom and Juanita.