Dear Editor,

Whenever you drive by the entryway to Arches National Park, you see a bottleneck. This last Memorial Day Weekend was the worst so far. Cars are stacked up and people are anxiously waiting to get in to see the wonders of Arches.

Some years back, it was decided to move the airport outside of the valley. Time has shown that this was a wise decision, as expansion would not have been possible in the valley. The dump was also moved. Again, a wise decision because the constant burning of trash and blowing debris plus the threat to the nearby watershed was a prudent matter.

The park service needs to move the entrance over to the Willow Springs Road near Dalton Wells and use that area for its fee collection and interpretive site. Perhaps the county or state could partner with the park service to make that happen. Adequate parking would be available. People could then run over the sign to get their pictures taken and not contribute to the congestion problem at the entrance. All it takes is just a little creativity and thinking outside of the booth.