Dear Editor,

Thanks to Charlene Love Nicholson for her letter of May 21. She eloquently expressed my feelings and, I’m sure, the feelings of many Moabites when she brought up the rapidly increasing problem of the noise created by the influx of ATVs & UTVs. The “Discovery” of Moab as The Place to run rampant over the many trails and through town as well is out of control. As mentioned in her letter, Moab had better set boundaries – soon – regarding noise and traffic.

I don’t understand why there are noise controls for semi-trucks and cars, but not for these four-wheel machines. So I Googled the question: “Why are ATVs and UTVs and motorized trail bikes so loud?” What I discovered is that there are a whole lot of people asking that question! I met a nice couple who were traveling from California on a luxurious Harley Davidson road bike. It was so quiet! Why the difference?

I doubt if there are many of us who live in Moab, old-timers or newcomers, who chose to be here just so we can run noisy machines. More likely, we are here because we choose to live without big city “advantages” in order to be in a peaceful, quiet, beautiful place. Our decision makers must recognize what is happening here and take action before Moab becomes one noisy, dusty, congested racetrack.