Dear Editor,

Neither the Times-Independent or the Moab Sun News has ever written a truly comprehensive story regarding the history of the so-called San Miguel trail dispute.

Can’t blame them; it would take too long to write the article and words alone anyway often cannot do justice.

Last summer’s article in the Moab Sun News boldly declared “Fence Must Go” and had a subtle unconscious bias as to why this seemed like a done deal.

It would take a long time to present all the relevant info. But there is one thing to remember. The trail dispute has never been as cut and dried as some people think. Action would have been taken a long time ago if this were so. There is a real legal uncertainty here, and not without good reason.

Some employees of Grand County (not mentioning any names) know this. As more info comes to light, perhaps advocates of the trail will come to see the Shueys’ point of view. I’m not against bike trails, but I stand for fairness. Not half-truths, manipulation, and zealots who don’t even know they’re zealots. (I’m not mentioning any names here.)