Cora Mae Johnston - Moab

“What are the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your life?”

“To treat people as you want to be treated and to trust in the Lord.” – Ethel Krist, Moab

“You have to learn how to live a good life. You’ll have a family some day; kids, boys and girls, and they become the most important to you. All of my kids have kids and they are the most important now. I’d do anything to help any of them. I still remember everything my brothers, sisters, mom and dad did for me. I’ve had a lot of good experiences and some sad. My mom died and all the kids went to different family members but we all stuck together. Family is the most important.” – Pauline Royer, Moab

“Not to be quick to judge somebody and always look for the good in a person. A lot of people won’t give second chances but I was taught to give forgiveness. I never ever heard my parents talk bad about somebody. I never heard my dad yell and my mom always said that there is good in somebody. The love of a family is one of the most important things I learned and it all came from my mom and dad. Love and respect.” – Cora Mae Johnston, Moab